Continuity of care

Clinical Locum Cover

Patient centred practice often times requires time you're sometimes unable to give. Maternity, sickness or other types of cover in the short or medium term can be met with a proven and experienced locum.


Planning to travel away? commitments outside of clinic? It may not mean you have to close. It's a great opportunity to recover so when you get back you can give yourself to your work at your pace. A career in Chiropractic often is a large part of who you are, not just what you do or what your website has to offer! Find a way to make sure that the people that rely on you, are cared for until you're back to take care of them again. 


Your locum must be ready to fit right into the flow of the clinic in the rhythm and manner you expect. SOT, Thomson diversified or Gonstead? You or your associate may be looking for a day or a week. Cover may be offered on a Bank holiday to a weekend. Call ahead to discuss with as much notice as is available, and lets keep the people you see, in good health.