What can we help with?

At Poundbury Chiropractic, we'll help you get back your health with a range of treatment options. We are able to help with all the issues below and many more. 

Back Pain

Back pain is experienced by the majority of people in their life. That doesn't mean living with pain is necessary. If you are suffering, its important that you know exactly where the pain is before trying to treat it, so if you think you've got back issues, call today to get in touch, and get back your health.


Pain, weakness or numbness running down from the leg can come on for a number of reasons. Most commonly: injury, bad posture, sleeping awkwardly, sprains or strains or a slipped disc. The reason can vary from person to person which is why a tailored plan is the most effective way to help it.

Joint Problems

Injuries and traumas throughout our life time, sports injuries or office sitting, your chiropractor can support you to strengthen and build and repair them for the future

Neck Pain

Neck pain can be set off from a number of causes, we'll work with you to build a tailored care plan that can help reduce symptoms and relieve pain, soothe tension and help you get back your health. 

Headaches and Migraines

Recent episodes or long standing headaches can be debilitating at work and in your personal life. Most common causes can be injury, upper neck issues, irritation of joint or nerves, or TMJ (jaw joint) issues. Research has shown focused care and varying lifestyle factors can less the severity, intensity and frequency. We've helped patients that have suffered for years with headaches and migraines. Take back control today. 

Disc Problems

Spinal discs can become irritated or injured and when they do, often irritates nerves. You may feel numbness, have stiffness and weakness, or feel shooting pains running into your legs or arms.  A combination of treatment options can dramatically improve your trajectory. It's important to get back your health. Take charge today, call for your first visit.